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Army's retired cornel Niladri Sarkar is a well known naturologist. His two close friends arc Jayanta Chowdhury, crime reporter of a daily newspaper and Mr. Kritanta Kumar Haider, retired police officer and presently a private detective. If by situation he gets involved Cornel solves different crime incidents.

One morning in a holiday Film financer Bijayendu Banerjee came to Cornel's place. We come to know from him that in the morning of the start of the shooting the newcomer actress Chandrima has been missing with twenty two lakh rupees which were kept by producer Brolin Som. Before this she was into modeling. This is Chandrima's first step into a film. Cornel's friend Jayanta also gets involved in this incident. Because before the day of the incident Chandrima was seen with Jayanta. On the opthcr side Chandrima's history is not transparent. Few years before in her name got involved in a jewellery robbery incident. After delving into the incident a bit, we come to know that on the day of the shooting, Chandrima has gone to some area of Bihar in the morning with a producer from Mumbai to search for spot for outdoor location. Withher is her aunty, the widow Ratnadevi. On Cornel's instruction Private detective Mr. Halder went to Chandrinma's place to look for Chandrima. There he met a notorious criminal Rajesh, who is now Chandrima's bodyguard. From Chandrima's area he comes to know that Mumbai's producer stayed in a hotel in her area. Mr. Halder went to that hotel,' Hotel Asia'- he came to know that on the day of the incident the producer left the hotel in a blue car with Chandrima and her aunty. After a lot of searching inthe Motor Vehicles Department we don't get to know of that car. But he gets to know that Chandrima's aunt's home is in Bihar's Rajgao area.

On the other side, we come to know that on the shore of Ganga in a desolate area producer Brotin Som has been murdered by some unknown assassin. According to the direction of Cornel, Brotin Som's house was searched. In that searching Cornel was also there with the police. Brotin's wife Rama, the director of the film Ranjan Mitra, Chandrima's friend Neepa, colleague Sonali were interrogated. Even Bijayendu was interrogated. From this interrogation came out various internally conflicting informations.

From this interrogation various things came out. Chandrima was very enthusiastic about working in this film. She came to know Brotin via Bijayendu and like many others Brotin also got attracted to the beauty of Chandrima. We also come to know that in reality Bijayendu gave the money to Brotin. Cornel came home from there with a letterhead and some files. Brotin's wife Rama said she gave the letter Brotin wrote before he was missing to Bijayendu instead of handing it over to the police because she had lost her common sense at that time. Though initially she thought that the letter was written by her husband, now she is assuming that someone has forged Brotin's handwriting and written the letter.

Cornel continued nurturing his orchid even when the mystery increased. The investigation ran side by side. On the instruction of Cornel the cops arrested Mumbai's producer Sumohan Parekh alias Ramesh Barman from Bihar's Rajgao area. The cops got a revolver from him. That revolver's bullet matched the post-mortem report.

After calling Jayanta in his cell phone Chandrima came to Cornel's place. She gave information like Ramesh Barman regularly gave her bad proposals regarding launching her in the Mumbai film industry. When Brotin came to know about this he threatened Barman. To punish Ramesh on the advice of his aunt Chandrima and her aunt traveled towards Rajgao with Ramesh. In the middle of the road, after getting a call, Ramesh got down from the car. Though Chandrima returned home Chandrima's aunt went to Rajgao. Completing his job Barman met with the aunt in Howrah station. To get Chandrima Barman killed his obstacle Brotin.

But who took Brotin to the shore of the Ganga? We get to know this too from the letters and files taken from Brotin's place. Though before the day of the shooting Bijayendu gave Brotin twenty two lakh rupees, after Ranjan and Chandrima went away he took back that money. From the file we get to know that Bijayendu owed Ten lakh rupees to Brotin which he doesn't return. The witness of this incident is Rajen, who was at the spot accidentally. Next day in the name of returning that money Bijayendu called Brotin to the shore of the Ganga. His idea was if Brotin dies Bijayendu won't have to return Ten lakh rupees. The people who are guilty gel caught by Cornel’s extraordinary investigating ability.

Story : Sayed Mustafa Siraj

Script : Moinak Sengupta, Raja Sen, Kantiranjan Dey

Cameraman : Sunirmal Majumdar

Costume Designer : Ruma Sengupta

Make-up : Md. Ali

Asst. Doirector : Badal Halder

Sound Organiser : Anup Mukhopadhyay

Editor : Arghya Kamal Mitra

Playback Singer : Lopamudra Mitra, Rupan Islam

Music Director : Partha Sengupta, Rupam Islam

Producer : Goutam Kundu (Rose Valley)

Director : Raja Sen

Cast : Chiranjit Chakraborty, Tapas Pal, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Saheb Chatterjee, haraj Mukherjee, Biswajit Chakraborty, Sudip Mukherjee, Shankar Chakraborty, Pradip Chakraborty, Raju Thakkar, Manav Ghosh, Probhas Sarkar, Sarbodaman, Firoj Chowdhury, Basudev Mukherjee, Barun Chakraborty, Nitya Ganguly, Nimai Ghosh, Papiya Sen, Sohini Pal, Kheyali Dostodar, Sonali Chowdhury, Koyel.