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Damu is an orphan, a simple-minded, kind-hearted rustic, sheltered and raised by Panchanan Mukherjee, the local station master now retired. Damu is often teased and out-witted by the village folk, but he remains good-natured and friendly. One day, Mr. Mukherjee decided to visit his motherless grandchild Runku and bring her back to the village to spend few days at his house. Damu accompanies him there and entertains Runku with songs and stories. He also thoughtlessly promises to take her back on the back of an elephant. Eight years old Runku believes him, and is bitterly disapointed the next morning when she does not see the elephant on which she expects to travel. Ashamed of himself and sorry for his rash words, Damu set out in search of an elephant. He walks many miles along unknown tracts, meeting strange people on his way. Finally he comes across a circus with a performing elephant.

Produced by : Raja Sen, Ashok Bose, S.K. Mujaffar, Tapas Ghos

Cast : Raghuvir Jadav, Satya Bandopadhyay, Manoj Mitra, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Tarun Kumar, Rimi Sen

Camera : Shanti Banerjee

Editing : Snehasish Ganguly

Art Direction : Radha Raman Tapadar

Music : Partho Sen Gupta & Jatileswar Mukherjee

Story : Narayan Gangopadhyay

Screen Play : Mohit Chattopadhyay

Direction : Raja Sen