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Scientist Nanda Kishore, in his middle age touched two important milestones.

He constructed a Laboratory open heartedly with all his lifelong income, which was built with modem and expensive equipments, and secondly he married a village belle from Punjab. Though they had a big age difference; nevertheless he fell in love with the girl the moment he saw Sohini and felt he could fully depend on her.

After a few years while going through an experiment, Nanda Kishore expired. Over the years he had made Sohini aware of his laboratory and its importance and had instructed her to choose a proper and responsible person who would continue his research, after Nanda Kishore's death. This is how the talent of a human is passed to another womb, so that even after his physical demise the work is continued. Nanda Kishore and Sohini had a girl child, Neela. After the sudden death of her husband, Sohini always kept an eye on her and simultaneously she kept her search on for the perfect successor of the laboratory. Sohini at last came to know of a science Professor, Mr. Choudhury, who had an eligible student, Reboti Bhattacharya who is now an established science scholar and researcher. Sohini with her charisma enticed professor Choudhury to know more about Reboti. Professor was no fool, he understood Sohini's intentions but acting unknown to her plans, he introduced her to Reboti. But Professor Choudhury, knowing all not only remained an admirer of her for all his life, but had a respect and humble dependence on Sohini. After meeting Reboti, Sohini was, however, in a dilemma. She could not decide if she would entrust him with the Laboratory's responsibility or get him married to Neela. But Sohini faced the situation with a tremendous sense of reality. If Reboti became the son-in-law, his responsibility towards the Laboratory would be hampered so she kept Neela away from marrying him. She also knew her daughter, she would not accept Reboti's involvement with the Laboratory and their marriage would break.

Nanda Kishore had left behind a huge property and so Neela attracted many admirers who wanted to marry her and inherit her property. Neela hated Sohini's interference in her personal life so she developed an association of rowdies from the upper class of the society.

Sohini was hurt by Neela's attitude, she could have taken up a stern hand, but remained aloof. Instead she went to her village to meet her ailing mother. Professor choudhury was also out of town. Taking the situation in her hands, Neela invited Reboti to her friend's association. Shunning all his responsibilities, he totally got involved with the rowdy crowd. He announced that he would get married to Neela and with all his Research money he threw parties. Suddenly in one such party Sohini entered, and is stunned by Reboti's behavior. Reboti breaks down and realizes his loss of face. Though Sohini feels insulted and maligned, but she realizes, if she would not have reached to such a situation, she would not have known the spineless Reboti. Now, Sohini does not care if Reboti marries Neela.

Sohini, realizes, she would have done the greatest blunder if she would have entrusted the responsibility of Nanda Kishore's Laboratory in the hands of Reboti. The emotional and fiery tussle between the mother and daughter, bewilders Reboti and he is at a loss. Reboti seeks solace in his old aunt, who had brought him up and strictly guarded him, all through his childhood and youth, keeping him much in suspicion about his underdeveloped male ego.

Note : This story was written by Tagore at the concluding part of his life. As far as the theme, character tonalities and psychological treatment towards the characters are concerned this particular piece of work has no collateral match in the rest of Tagore's oeuvre. The central character Sohini shows how a woman with her lifelong beauty of experience, courage and sensibility towards love wins her battle against every odd of the society.

Produced by : Pitrasish Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Cast : Ravina Tandan, Ranjit Mullick, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Arpita, Saheb, Biswanath

Camera : Rana Dasgupta

Editing : Arghakamal Mitra

Music : Partha Sengupta

Script Advisor : Mohit Chattopadhyay

Script Writer : Phalguni Chatterjee, Raja Sen

Costume Design : Ruma Dasgupta

Direction : Raja Sen