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The film revolves around the lives of a village priest, Anandamohan Bhattacharya, his wife Anima (Bhattacharya), and their three daughters. Anandamohan is a dedicated Brahmin priest and tries to follow all the rituals and scriptures wholeheartedly. He named his three daughters Rebati, Haimanti, and Jayanti, the three names of Hindu goddess Durga.

Rebati, the eldest daughter of Anandamohan and Anima, is a widow. Her husband died in a tram accident, and she now lives with her parents. Haimanti, the couple's second daughter, is in a relation with Nikhilesh and lives in the same village. The couple's youngest daughter is Jayanti. Haimanti is sexually molested by a local criminal RatanSamanta in front of her boyfriend Nikhilesh. Anandamohan decides not to disclose the incident to anyone and secretly sends Haimanti to his brother Sushanta's house in Mumbai. After a few days there, Sushanta also attempts to molest her. Haimanti escapes the house and by chance meets Mrs.Deshpande and Mr.Shukla, who are human rights and women's rights workers. They give Haimanti shelter.

With the assistance of Mrs.Deshpande and Mr.Shukla, and while applying her own talent, Haimanti becomes a popular actress. She returns to her village after six years to take revenge against Ratan on the eve of Mahalaya, the first day of Devipaksha (the fortnight during which the festival of Durga Puja takes place). She meets Nikhilesh and finds that he could not go back to normal life after the molestation of Haimanti, and is now a drug addict. Jayanti, Anandmohan's youngest daughter, is now a college student. Ratan learns about Haimanti's return and comes to their house to threaten her but finds that she has good acquaintance with people for whom Ratan works. Ratan is instructed over phone by his bosses not to harass the family and leave the house at once. Thus Ratan is taught a good lesson and he becomes worried. Later Ratan finds that he is losing his job and contacts because of Haimanti's influences and thus he becomes more ferocious.

On the day of Dashami (the last day of Durga Puja), Ratan loses all control and again comes to the house of Anandamohan to harass them. Haimanti tries to contact local police but fails to do so. Now, Ratan tries to molest Jayanti. Without having any other option, Haimanti takes the trident from idol of Durga's hand and kills Ratan.

Produced by : Raja Sen, Ashok Basu, SumantaChowdhury

Cast :Soumitra Chatterjee, Sandhya Roy, Dipankar Dey (Guest Appearance), Rituparna Sen Gupta, Satabdi Roy, Koyel Mallick, Shyamananda Jalan

Camera : Rana Dasgupta

Editing : Arghya Kamal Mitra

Art Direction : Goutam Bose

Music : Partho Sen Gupta

Story : Indrasish Lahiri

Screen Play : Raja Sen, Indrasish Lahiri & Sunetra Ghatak

Direction : Raja Sen