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Moubane Aaj


"Moubone Aaj" is a film which fits into the genre of romantic comedy. The protagonist Satish Roy is broad-hearted, benevolent man of a position in Mouboni, a small town in Bengal. His only son Mainak, who lost his mother at a tender age, is an introvert, shy and vapoury young boy, and keeping away from his imposing father most of the time.

He fancies his love with Pakhi, a sweet young girl of Mouboni, writes poems on her, but never dares to talk to her. Mainak neglects his studies and as a result, fails in college exams. This irritates Satish to the highest extent and he sent his son to city to continue his studies there, hoping it will change Mainak's attitude towards life.L

Satish gets himself busy with the young boys of the village. He works out and forms a cooperative society for village lads. At the same time, being an ardent lover of football himself, enthuse the local boys in football. He even manages to get a coach for them who eventually turn out to be a fraud.

Meanwhile Ela, a young widow comes to stay in Mouboni with father Gurucharan and stepmother. The hapless life of Ela tossing between her father's love and affection to her and her stepmother's extreme hatred forces her to decide for dire consequence. But her bid to attempt to suicide is foiled by Satish and his boys. Ela gets a new life at Satish's place and his affection too. She becomes a member of the family.


At this time, Mainak gets back from city, unable to complete his studies. Outraged Satish now desperately looks for a querulous bride for his son, who can bring him to shape up timid Mainak properly. He gets the right match in Payel who was incidentally Mainaks' college mate.

The marriage is fixed. But surprisingly on the marriage day, Mainak is found nowhere. Where he could be? What will be the fate of Mainak and Payel, and above all, of the marriage between them? Will Satish be able to keep his esteemed position? But all is well that ends well.

Presented By : BCI FILMS

Producer : Sailesh Ranjan Chowdhury, Manidipa Chowdhury & Pooja Bose

Line Producer : Rahul Bhanja

Story : Samaresh Majumdar

Script : Manoj Mitra

Music Director : Partho Sengupta/Ramji

Editor : Arghyakamal Mitra

Cameraman : Rana Dasgupta

Costume Designer : Ruma Sengupta

Director : Raja Sen

Cast :Ranjit Mullick, Rachana Banerjee, Rahul, Priyanka, Manoj Mitra, Dipankar Dey, Kaushik Sen, Biplab Chatterjee, Papiya Sen, Other TV Stars.